MOPA – art event


I visited MOPA, Museum of Photographic Arts, in Balboa park. My photo teacher advised all of her student to go check it out. It was a really nice exhibit. I spent a lot of time in the Infinite Balance: Artists and the Environment section. There were a few photographers that we had studies who were in that exhibit; like Edward Brutynsky. It was amazing to see how profound some of these photos were. They go so in-depth with the environment and world issues with the environment. There were amazing pictures of giant abandon, falling apart ships. There were pictures of garbage and trash that went to the horizon. Even though it was trash, it was so colorful ad it was seriously pretty. I hate thinking about all of the waste humans create because it just ends up sitting in some giant landfill. There were also really cool pictures of buildings. The particular photo I’m thinking of was one that was clearly a picture of multiple buildings and apartments buildings that were all sky-risers. The picture cut off the ground and the sky so you couldn’t see where these giant buildings began or ended. There had to have been 100 stories in each and that was just the middle of it. It was taken in Tokyo. There were also pictures of stunning landscapes. I was also really drawn to some photos of different Asian destinations. I recently spent time in Thailand and I witnessed a lot of what these photos were displaying- like the people working under bridges, canoeing in beautiful canoes, tons and tons of clothes hanging to dry in the windows and balconies. It was a really cool exhibit. There was also a section of youth art. I was thinking about how excited all of those young kids are to know that their work in being displayed in such a fantastic museum. It is so exciting for them!


Chela – art event

On October 21st, I went to a play called Chela held in the Auditorium. It was a performed by a Latin-American actor. She was a graduate student for CSUSM and then did some studying in London in theater arts. The play was interesting. Honestly I did not like it at all. I found it extremely foul and disturbing. And because of that, I could not even stay for the entire play. I understand that art is open for interpretation and what not and frankly anything can be art. Artists also push boundaries all the time. This actress performed alone of the stage. It was a solo play. Not what I was expecting, but whatever that’s ok. The first scene was her having sex and and having an orgasm for like the first time or something. She went into grave details telling the audience what she felt and was feeling and why she thought she had peed herself but she really hadn’t… It was a let’s say unexpected start for the play. The third scene I think she was a teenager, and she was getting raped. I don’t stand for rape. I hate it. I unfortunately have a best friend who was raped. It’s disgusting. I won’t even watch movies that show it. So when the play turned to her getting raped, I was done and left after that scene. The play was to start out with the sex scene as an adult, then jump to her being a young six year old, and then progress from there to teenager, to adult, and then loop around and finish back at the first scene where it started. Throughout the play it showed this girl going through the different trials she faced at each different age in life and phase in life. What I saw of the play, the actress was really great at acting. I mean a phenomenal actress for sure. But I just had a really hard time with the story and what went into the story.

Coast Highway Photography Gallery: Kevin M. Connors – art event

I frequently visit Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach.  The Coast Highway Photography Gallery is great.  Conners, the photographer, does a variety of different styles of photography.  He does a mostly portraits but I really like his work.  There were so many portraits of parents and their children, where he has captured the moment perfectly.  The child is just doing his thing and is happy, young, innocent, and precious, and then the parents are looking at their child in this way where they know that that is their kid and this kid is so special.  I think it is incredible when a photographer can capture a moment like that.  He also does incredible landscapes.  The places he explores to take the photos are amazing themselves and he knows composition so well that his photos are perfect.  They are beautiful.  He has pictures of Half Dome, a lot of Blue John Canyon in Utah, lots of red desert sand shots with amazing sunsets.
I met Kevin, he was there in his gallery vacuuming.  I talked to him a little bit.  He was super nice.  really down to earth.  And he just loves taking photos.  And he said he was so just so happy that he is able to make a living doing one of his favorite things.  He was Photographer Of The Year 2007, 2008, 2009 Professional Photographers of America and San Diego Portrait Photographer Of The Year, 2007 & 2008 Professional Photographers of San Diego County.  Pretty cool guy and takes killer photos.

Since I’m doing my project on children it was really nice to go look at a pro of taking portraits.  I think I learned a few things studying his photos.


Aaron Chang – art event

“Photography, like surfing, is an infinite process, a constantly evolving exploration of life.” – Aaron Chang

Aaron Chang is an amazing.  He is a world renowned photographer.  He is by far on of my absolute favorites.  He takes lots of ocean and wave shots.  He has amazing snowy mountain photos, nature shots, surfing shots, and sunset shots.  He does his editing in Photoshop.  Oh does he know how to edit a photo!  The colors he generates in his photos and the way he enhances colors in perfection.  My favorite colors together are oranges and blues.  They are complementary so of course they will look good next to each other.  Aaron takes so many photos of waves during sunset.  I seriously melt looking at some of these photos.  The colors are brilliant.  His photos are also huge!  Some are like 8 feet wide and just amazing.  He has traveled all over the world for his photos.  He is probably the best surf/wave photographer out there.  He has traveled to Hawaii, Bali, Tahiti, Africa, and more wonderful locations.  His photos, since they are so giant, are like a larger than life experience for the viewer.  He is so inspirational to me.  He travels the world and takes incredible photos and is just an awesome person.  He does a lot of charity work.  I absolutely love the ocean so looking at his photos just takes me to the ocean and I become so content and happy.  I am so lucky to live so close to his gallery in Solana Beach.  I go there a lot and just stare at this one particular photo he has.  It is my favorite.  I so wish I could afford to buy it.  Someday…





Mitch Dobrowner -art event


“The Earth is an ever changing eco-system. It’s existed well before we were here, and will hopefully be here well beyond the time leave it. It’s real, at times beautifully surreal, powerfully haunting and alive all at the same time.” – Mitch Dobrowner

Mitch Dobrowner has a gallery in Solana Beach.  I went to his gallery hoping to see his storm series but it wasn’t up.  I was a little disappointed because after looking at his photos online, I was super excited to go see them in person.  He is a black and white photographer and a landscape maniac.  He is someone who really understands composition.  Composition is everything in a photograph and Dobrowner is expert.
I love to camp in Joshua Tree, and he has some excellent photos from there.  They bring me back to some good times I have had out there.  He also has photos from all over where there are great rock piles, forests, storms, etc.
Black and white photography can sometimes emit the life from a photo.  But Dobrowner’s black and white photos are so fu of life and have so much energy in them.  The non-color actually adds a whole level of power and liveliness to the scenery.  I get lost in some of his photos.  The details of the rocks and mountains and clouds are so remarkable.
His Storm Series that I looked at online are so cool.  First of all I am obsessed with clouds.  I think clouds are one of nature’s most beautiful creations.  His storm series is full of the menacingly fantastic clouds.  I have never seen clouds like the ones he’s photographed.  The pictures are so powerful.  I love them!  And there is lightening in some of the pictures and he was dead-on with the composition of the lightening.  Seriously marvelous.


So this is my friend’s band and they had a gig coming up so I made the poster for them.

I am inspired by Scrojo’s work.  love him.

I also love Shepherd Fairey.